My life went from being a financial advisor, through the manager in a chain of strip clubs to Access Bars practitioner and a Coach.

Some can say my life was pretty colorful…

At the beginning of my financial advisor career, I was very passionate about the process. I was amazed at how most of the population has no idea how the financial system works and how products offered by banks and insurance institutions can vary on the side of quality.
In my second month, I was second in sales in the whole company, which led to the owner’s invite for dinner. That was quite a win!

Sadly at some point, I realized that no matter how good the product is, most of the time, people won’t achieve their goals. The whole financial system is rigged. As you can imagine not in favor of regular Joe.

This led me to fall into a deep depression. I had a job that meant I have to hurt people to get wealthy.

And believe it or not, it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

After that I worked nights as a manager in a strip club, I was living in an apartment without electricity or gas. Funny enough, that was my fault. Because of this lifestyle, I lost health and fitness.

I thought everything I had was lost. I was deep in depression, and my only way out was suicide (that’s what I thought).

One day I decided I have to find a way out. I didn’t know how or where to look.

Just this intention set me on the right path, and my life never looked the same.

From that point on, I felt like I’m being guided.

I found a lot of research about how certain types of psychedelics can heal depression and decided to go that way.

Long story short, this catapulted me on a spiritual path of “alternative” medicines, higher values, and serving humanity.

My question always was how instead of being the weird hippy tree-hugging guy, I could use this life-changing wisdom to help people from all walks of life?

And today, here I am, eagerly waiting to support amazing people in achieving impossible goals in their lives. I went through a lot of training on how to create change and, most importantly, how to maintain it in everyday life! I’m part of Robbins-Madanes training, Evercoach Coaching Mastery, and finished marketing training under Six-Figure Mentors.

Let’s finish with the most important thing:

How can I serve you today?